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Our School Partners

PhillyPLUS Residents spend a full year leading teachers in either their current school or one of our partner schools. We’re proud to partner with district, charter, parochial and private schools throughout Philadelphia. Learn more about our school partners below.


Being a School Partner

By hosting Residents in local schools, our school partners give Residents the immersive experience of managing teachers with the support of a personal leadership coach and experienced mentor principal. Mentor principals help Residents maximize their impact and hone the essential skills they need to be highly effective instructional leaders. In collaboration with a PhillyPLUS leadership coach, mentor principals are responsible for cultivating the instructional leadership toolkit of their Resident, while exposing them to the varied responsibilities and challenges that exemplary principals skillfully navigate.

"I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the PhillyPLUS program. I have had the honor of mentoring two fellows and both of them have made outstanding contributions to the Comly community. The program's rigorous application process ensures that the individuals serving as fellows are smart, strategic, and on a mission to do what is right for kids. We cannot do our work as administrators in isolation and having a thought partner has been an amazing experience. They have pushed my thinking just as much as I have pushed theirs. We have worked in a true partnership to move our learning organization forward."

Kate Sylvester
Principal, Watson T. Comly Elementary School

Interested in Partnering with PhillyPLUS?

If you work for a school or organization that is interested in partnering with PhillyPLUS, please let us know! In addition to employing Residents in schools, we are also looking for Philadelphia area schools that are doing great work to host half-day visits from Residents. During these visits, Residents meet with principals and observe classes to learn about schools other than the ones at which they currently work.