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Our Residents

" As a proud Philadelphia native, I am honored to continue to serve its kids and communities."

Vicki Rodney - School Leader, CB Community School

I chose to become a PhillyPLUS Resident because, as a proud Philadelphia native, I am honored to continue to serve its kids and communities. I attended and graduated from the School District of Philadelphia; I began college as a nontraditional student and young mother, and quickly understood that I was a statistic in the opportunity gap. Personal experience as a disenfranchised student due to issues of emotional trauma was the backdrop to a degree in special education and a rewarding 15-year career in education.  

Prior to the Residency, I had the opportunity to serve in Philadelphia’s suburban and urban schools, which provided me with a clear perspective of educational inequity. Working with Teach for America as a Director on the Leadership Team and as a teacher coach solidified my belief in the value of critically conscious, culturally-responsive and relationship-oriented teaching and learning.  This work is my life’s purpose and I live by the quote: “Without educational equity there is no justice and without justice there is no peace” and, therefore, I will die working for peace and justice.