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Our Residents

"PLUS provides residents with the opportunity to transform the quality of education in our schools. Through PLUS, you can develop the skills needed to lead teachers and empower students with the opportunities and success they deserve."

Rosalie Doherty - Teacher Leader, IMS-St. Helena

I chose to become a PhillyPLUS Resident because I experienced the impact PLUS leadership has on the transformation of my school, St. Helena-Incarnation. Our resident PLUS leaders have helped me grow as a teacher and leader who understands how to use data to inform instruction and improve student outcomes.

Prior to the Residency, I taught for ten years with the majority of my experience teaching middle school reading. With assessment data indicating that I’ve helped my students close the achievement gap, I continue to adjust instruction for continued growth. I am a lead teacher, coordinator of the title 1 extended day and summer school program, and a member of the Independence Mission School ELA Committee.