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Our Residents

"I'm excited to think about ways to create a bigger impact in the coming year as a resident with PhillyPlus."

Rana Shariatdoust - Assistant Principal of Instruction, Mastery Charter Hardy Williams High School

Rana Shariatdoust is currently the Dean of Students and Mathematics Department Chair at Delaware Valley Charter High School. After completing her undergraduate studies at the College of New Jersey, Ms. Shariatdoust began her 2-year commitment with Teach For America in the Greater Philadelphia Region. In August of 2012, she was placed at Delaware Valley Charter High School as an 11th grade math teacher where she has remained. In the middle of her third year she stepped up to work with the entire senior class as their guidance counselor when the 12th grade counselor left. Now in her fourth year at DVCHS, Ms. Shariatdoust was offered the position of Dean in order to have a larger impact on school culture and achievement. As the head of the math department, Ms. Shariatdoust works to implement key problem solving and critical thinking skills in all math classrooms and curriculums to help students grow and learn. As she continues to develop, she is excited in thinking about ways to create a bigger impact in the coming year as a resident with PhillyPlus.