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Our Residents

"PLUS has a clear vision for school leadership; great leaders work relentlessly to improve teaching quality and student outcomes. In a job as complex as school leadership, this narrow focus ensures that what's best for students always remains top of mind."

Max Tartar - Assistant Principal, Mastery - Cleveland Campus

I chose to become a PhillyPLUS Resident because I believe that all students have enormous untapped potential. As a resident, I look forward to broadening my ability to support teachers in fostering students’ love of learning while helping them make significant academic gains. Every student deserves a leader and a staff that recognizes the collaboration, self-reflection, and determination it requires to make meaningful academic, social, and emotional impact.

Prior to the Residency, I taught 7th and 8th grade English and Language Arts for four years at People for People Charter School, working for the last two as a teacher leader, leading a professional learning community and serving as an instructional coach. I’ve worked towards establishing a fully inclusive co-teaching model within the middle school, something I believe best supports the students most in need. I’m proud that my efforts, combined with my students’ determination and work ethic, resulted in significant reading growth for my students in each of the past four years.