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Our Residents

"PLUS has helped me to develop teachers who lovingly revere their students, to encourage teachers to maintain high expectations in spite of their students' circumstances, and to provide teachers with strategies that allow them to command a culture of learning in their classrooms and in their schools."

Khadijah Bright - Principal, Crossroads Academy

I chose to become a PhillyPLUS Resident because I want to be an effective instructional leader equipped with the tools necessary to enhance teacher practice, augment student-learning outcomes, and create a school culture dedicated to academic excellence.

Prior to the residency, I worked as a middle school math and science facilitator for six years. I facilitated a learning process that allowed students to scholarly engage in mathematical work. Additionally, my students demonstrated considerable growth on formative and summative assessments. I also conducted in house action research projects that informed leadership as to which computer-based interventions increased instructional reading and math levels. Furthermore, I implemented practices to cultivate a positive school culture that included creating a school mission statement.