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Our Residents

"I believe a quality education is an imperative component to a child’s success. "

Karen Sergovic - ELL Coordinator, Esperanza Academy

I chose to become a PhillyPLUS Resident because I am interested in improving student outcomes in our city’s struggling schools. I feel passionately about the importance of this work and believe a quality education is an imperative component to a child’s success. 

Prior to the Residency, I helped to build the ELL department at Esperanza Academy Charter School, located in the Hunting Park neighborhood in North Philadelphia. I began my career as an ELL teacher in 2003 as one of a two-member team serving 30 ELL students. Today, I am the ELL Coordinator at Esperanza Academy, where I serve over 300 ELL students and manage a team of 14 professionals. I have helped build the program, structure the services, and develop the faculty for the past 11 years. I look forward to taking my professional skills to the next level with PhillyPLUS and making continuous improvements to our program at Esperanza.