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Our Residents

"After participating in the summer institute, I feel confident, encouraged and invigorated about being able to make the type of impact that our scholars, schools, teachers, and fellow administrators are in need of to truly be transformative."

Jamal Dennis - Principal, Steel Elementary

I chose to become a PhillyPLUS Resident because, as a product of the School District of Philadelphia, I know first-hand the difference that effective educators and administrators are able to create. I yearn to be a productive and positive catalyst of success and accomplishment in the lives of Philadelphia scholars and their families. 

Prior to the residency, I have dedicated my time, energy, and effort to my students and their families. I have spent time teaching at all levels from kindergarten to college. I have learned that I could effect change at a large scale by moving outside of the classroom. These experiences have led me to realize that I must become an instructional leader.