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Our Residents

"PLUS has prepared me to be a transformational school leader through authentic practice, modeling, real-time coaching and effectively structured professional development sessions."

Ashley Jannett - API, Mastery - Pastorious Campus

I chose to become a PhillyPLUS Resident because I am passionate about educational reform.  I feel a tremendous sense of urgency in working to close the achievement gap. As a school leader, I want to be a bigger part of the solution. I believe this is possible by working with and supporting teachers in setting high expectations for students through highly effective and rigorous lessons that improve student learning and strive towards ensuring all students in Philadelphia are successful in school and beyond.

Prior to the Residency, I worked at Hardy Williams Academy Mastery Charter School for five years as a fifth-grade reading teacher. During this time, I developed and implemented rigorous reading lessons, while analyzing and using student data to adjust instruction when needed to reach ambitious targets and end of the year goals. Ultimately, this led my students in becoming critical consumers of literature and they made significant gains in reading. In addition, I was the Teacher Leader for fifth and sixth-grade reading teachers, where I specifically worked to lead collaborative planning meetings and professional developments to support teachers in implementing highly effective reading lessons within their classrooms.