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Our Residents

"I am passionate about using the unique opportunity afforded by PLUS to build my competence as a transformational leader for Philadelphia students and educators."

Andrew Brooking - Assistant Principal, Blaine Elementary

I chose to become a PLUS resident because I firmly believe that Philadelphia needs strength in leadership as it works to overcome the social, financial, and political challenges that our schools face on a daily basis. I am confident PLUS is the most befitting leadership development program due to the fact that participants are able to bring their experiences, hone their skills, and share their values in order to create positive change within a Philadelphia community.

Prior to the residency, I grew up and received public education in a small rural town in upstate New York. I soon chose the University of California Berkeley as my next educational pursuit where I received dual degrees in Hispanic Languages and Bilingual Issues and in Linguistics. My experiences while attending Berkeley are what brought me here, to the City of Brotherly Love, as a Philadelphia Teaching Fellow in 2010.

Over the last decade, I have cultivated my influential leadership skills by advocating for Guatemalan refugees in the Asylee offices of San Francisco. While teaching English in the poorest areas of of Santiago, Chile and teaching bilingual math in a Philadelphia Promise Academy, I developed pedagogical skills and an ability to be culturally curious, flexible and responsive. I have adopted a lens of equity by setting high bars and closely monitoring data as a result of reaching (and exceeding) rigorous academic goals and setting new records for student growth as a KIPP North Philadelphia Renaissance Charter School teacher. Affecting change on a larger scale, by working with current and aspiring teachers, became my next goal. Working as a Skill Development Coach with The New Teacher Project, developing as a Teacher Leader at Yale through the National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education, and coaching first year and struggling teachers in a Strawberry Mansion Transformation School has allowed me to create a new identity as an instructional leader with a focused intention on inspiring adults to bring rich educational experiences to life for the children they teach. I am passionate about using the unique opportunity afforded by PLUS to build my competence as a transformational leader for Philadelphia students and educators.