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Our Funders

PhillyPLUS is a partnership between Philadelphia School Partnership, the Great Schools Compact, the Neubauer Family Foundation, and TNTP.

Philadelphia School Partnership

Philadelphia School Partnership (PSP) is a nonprofit organization that funds the creation and expansion of high-quality K-12 schools in the City of Philadelphia to give more children access to a great education. PSP also facilitates the sharing of best practices among school leaders that improve the quality of education for students. PSP is raising $100 million in philanthropic funds to provide grants for the transformation, growth and startup of high-performing public and private schools in Philadelphia. It measures success by the number of students in Philadelphia who move out of failing schools to better-quality school options based on student academic outcomes.

Neubauer Family Foundation

The Neubauer Family Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Pennsylvania that was established by Joseph Neubauer and his wife, Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer. The Neubauer Family Foundation primarily supports programs in education, the arts, and for Jewish organizations. In Philadelphia, the Neubauer family is committed to improving education and believes that school leaders are best poised to make that happen. In addition to supporting PhillyPLUS, they also created the Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders, which runs the Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership. Visit the Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders website for more information.


TNTP believes our nation’s public schools can offer all children an excellent education. A national nonprofit founded by teachers, TNTP helps school systems end educational inequality and achieve their goals for students. TNTP works at every level of the public education system to attract and train talented teachers and school leaders, ensure rigorous and engaging classrooms, and create environments that prioritize great teaching and accelerate student learning. Since 1997, TNTP has partnered with more than 200 public school districts, charter school networks and state departments of education, and have recruited or trained more than 50,000 teachers. Today, TNTP is active in more than 30 cities.

"If you are willing to lead differently and embrace the inherent growth that comes with being uncomfortable, PLUS affords you a safe space to do just that."

Shoshana Tyler, 2015-16 Cohort

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