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Strong instructional leaders are also lifelong learners. The resources below offer current and future school leaders support as they develop the essential skills of successful instructional leaders.  

Teacher Talent Toolbox: TNTP’s open-source library of proven resources for building a thriving teaching team.

TNTP Publications: As we work alongside educators around the country, we identify common challenges and publish promising solutions. Find publications regarding student experiences, evaluation & development, retention & school culture, teacher training & classroom practice, and school staffing & employment policy. Three featured reports are:

  • The Opportunity Myth: What Students Can Tell Us About How School Is Letting Them Down -- and How To Fix It
  • The Irreplaceables: Understanding The Real Retention Crisis in America’s Urban Schools
  • The Mirage: Confronting the Hard Truth About Our Quest for Teacher Development

TNTP Blog: This blog shares ideas, research and opinion about how to support great teaching and create vibrant classrooms.

Resources for PhillyPLUS Alumni: contact Liz Van Leer at liz.vanleer(at) for access to additional resources exclusively for PhillyPLUS alumni.