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Our Training

Experience is the best teacher. The PhillyPLUS Residency is centered on hands-on practice and personalized support from experienced coaches. You’ll hone essential leadership skills, starting in an intensive summer training, and then practice those skills in a full-time leadership role in a local school, where you’ll lead a team of teachers.

Summer Institute

Hone essential leadership skills and then practice those skills in a full-time leadership role in a local school.

The PhillyPLUS Residency kicks off with an intensive, five-week summer institute, where you’ll learn and practice the foundational leadership skills you need to hit the ground running once school starts. You’ll visit schools and communities, practice leadership techniques, and build a deep understanding of how to deliver teacher feedback, analyze student data, create and manage individualized education programs, and use assessments. You’ll also meet with experts on topics like special education, culturally relevant literacy, and technology in education.

Note: Summer institute is required for all Residents and will take place from June 26, 2019 through July 26, 2019. 

Mentors and Coaching

Hone your skills under the guidance of your own leadership coach and an experienced mentor principal. Throughout the Residency, your leadership coach will help you apply what you learn in training, giving you real-time feedback and focused support where you need it. As a full-time school leader, you’ll work alongside an accomplished mentor principal who will help you develop as a leader.

"PhillyPLUS has opened doors for me and accelerated my journey into school leadership while providing me with the skills and support needed to drive student growth." 

Tom Whittle, 2017-19 Cohort
Assistant Principal, St. Francis Cabrini

Professional Development

During summer institute and in monthly full-day trainings during your first year of the PLUS Residency, you’ll focus on the core skills that will prepare you for the day-to-day challenges of school leadership. You’ll learn how to: 

Systematize a vision: Develop a school-wide vision for success, create the systems to support that vision, and manage your time to realize that vision.

Drive results: Establish meaningful goals and actively diagnose, prioritize, and monitor your school’s progress.

Lead authentically: Invest in key stakeholders, recognize how identity, beliefs, and values impact behavior, and build relationships.

Accelerate great instruction: Support and develop teachers to deliver rigorous content and resources while you support implementation.

Manage talent strategically: Learn about differential retention and staffing strategies that will help you make sure that all students have access to great teachers. 

Professional development will be tailored to the needs and experiences of Residents. Whether you are a teacher leader or an assistant principal, PhillyPLUS will ensure content is useful to your leadership development.


We hold a high bar for certification. Residents who demonstrate an ability to help students meet rigorous academic goals will earn their principal certification at the end of their first year and go on to lead their own schools, with ongoing support during their second year.

The application deadline to join our 2019 cohort is Monday, March 25th at 9:00AM EST.

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