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Residency Costs

PhillyPLUS helps aspiring school leaders practice and develop their skills supporting and developing teachers. Through intensive summer training, focused coaching from skilled leadership coaches, and a year-long leadership Residency in a Philadelphia school, Residents hone the instructional leadership skills they need to help students succeed. Residency tuition helps cover a portion of program costs. 

Residency Tuition

As a PhillyPLUS Resident, you are responsible for Residency tuition and fees. The total financial commitment for residents over the two-year program will be $10,000. Payment plans are available that allow residents to make monthly payments. Residents who pay full tuition upfront will receive a 5% discount, equaling $500.00. If you are interested in pursuing a loan to assist with tuition expenses, you must do so independently, as eligibility varies by financial institution. 

Certification and Hiring Costs

Residents are responsible for all costs associated with certification through the Pennsylvania Department of Education, including fees for any required exams. In addition, the School District of Philadelphia requires all employees to take a TB test, drug test, and have their fingerprints processed for a background check. Residents are responsible for any costs associated with state or district hiring requirements. 

Note: All of the above costs are based on the 2019-20 school year and are subject to annual increases.