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About the PhillyPLUS Residency

The PhillyPLUS Residency is a two-year, practice-based principal certification program that prepares school leaders to transform teaching in Philadelphia schools. With support from a leadership coach and experience managing teachers in a local school, our leaders learn how to create a school culture in which students are challenged and inspired, and where teachers receive the feedback and support they need to grow.

How it Works

The PhillyPLUS Residency is a two-year program: Successful Residents earn their principal certification at the end of their first year if they do not already possess it and they receive ongoing support through the end of their second year. Here’s how it works:

  1. Apply. Complete our rigorous, three-part selection process and get accepted into the program. Many successful applicants for the PhillyPLUS Residency are experienced educators with prior experience leading adults—as teacher leaders, instructional coaches, department chairs, and assistant prinicipals—and are passionate about helping teachers do their best work so that students succeed. Learn more.
  2. Attend summer institute. Learn and practice foundational leadership skills with your peers in an intensive, five-week summer institute. You’ll join a diverse network of fellow Residents who will challenge you to grow and support you along the way.
  3. Complete a year-long residency in a local school. Spend the school year managing a team of teachers in a Philadelphia school, with support from a leadership coach, and attend monthly professional development tailored to your level of school leadership experience. This hands-on training will help you master the skills you need to support and inspire teachers to improve their practice. More experienced Residents will learn and apply the essential skills required of instructional leaders in an effort to immediately move the academic needle on day one in the schools they will be leading during the Residency.
  4. Earn certification. Successfully complete the residency—demonstrating success with your teachers and students—and pass required exams to earn your principal certification at the end of your first year of training.
  5. Receive ongoing support. Work in a Philadelphia school and receive ongoing professional development and coaching throughout your second year. 

"There are degrees and certificates, and then there's PLUS. You'll learn the actual skills needed to be a transformational leader in any school."

Robert Berretta, 2015-16 Cohort
Principal, William H. Ziegler School

Applications for our 2019 cohort are now being accepted.

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