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Our Residents

"I chose to become a PLUS Resident because I recognize the impact of effective leadership on student and teacher achievement. "

Jennifer Conner - Specialized Services, IMS - Saint Malachy

Jennifer Conner began her career in the nonprofit sector where she developed a foundation in organizational management. Working for the ACLU-PA and Project HOME, she learned how to engage in vision-setting and coordinate projects through distributed leadership. Seven years ago she transitioned into teaching as a Philadelphia Teaching Fellow. During those seven years, Jennifer was the founding member of two schools - one, an accelerated program for over-aged middle school students and the other, an innovative school with project-based programming. In the former, Jennifer led the development of an RTII/MTSS program which yielded a median academic growth of 1.5 years in reading and 1.25 years in math for all students. In addition, she assisted with the development of school-wide culture systems that resulted in a 75% decrease (compared to year 1) in suspensions and disciplinary meetings. In the latter school, Jennifer designed a 9th Grade World History blended-learning curriculum that scaffolded students into project-based learning. She also created a 3-year professional development arc for special education teachers using a Google platform that has helped her colleagues find success.