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Our Residents

Leaders in the PhillyPLUS Residency and PhillyPLUS Turnaround programs bring diversity, creativity, and commitment to Philadelphia schools. Meet our current and past residents. 

2017-18 Cohort

2017-18 Turnaround Cohort

2016-17 Cohort

2016-17 Turnaround Cohort

2015-16 Cohort

NaaAmerely Badger

Assistant Principal, Mastery - Pickett Campus

Robert Berretta

Principal, Ziegler

Shaikha BuAli

Principal, PA Virtual

Brooke Carson

API, Mastery - Cleveland Campus

Kimberly Clark

Assistant Principal, School District of Philadelphia

Ayris Colvin

Principal, Building 21

Tameron Dancy

Assistant Principal, Laura H. Carnell Elementary

Emily Diefendorf

Principal, IMS - Holy Cross

Rosalie Doherty

Teacher Leader, IMS-St. Helena

Corey Dwyer

Principal, People for People Charter

Anastasia Fair

ASL, Mastery - Harrity Upper

Paula Furman

Principal, AMY

Stephannie Hannan

Assistant Principal, Hancock/Labrum

Ashley Jannett

API, Mastery - Pastorious Campus

Dollette Johns

Assistant Principal, McMichael

Max Klink

Assistant Principal, Northeast High School

William Lawrence

Principal, John Marshall Elementary

Jeremiah Lemke

Partner and Fellow, Jounce Partners

Jacqueline McDonough

Math Coach, Universal Creighton

Colleen McKenzie

Assistant Principal, IMS - DePaul

Michael Montgomery

Principal, Friends School

Pamela Redmond

Principal, Lamberton

Melissa Sanchez

Principal, The City School-Fairmount Campus

Karen Sergovic

ELL Coordinator, Esperanza Academy

Kimberly Stokes

Assistant Principal, American Paradigm

Max Tartar

Assistant Principal, Mastery - Cleveland Campus

Wajibah Thompson

Instructional Coach, Memphis Street Academy

Dana Twyman

Assistant Principal, Roosevelt

Shoshana Tyler

Principal, Global Leadership Academy

Courtney Ward

Assistant Principal, Fels

Shakira Wimberly

Teacher Leader, Bache Martin Elementary School

2014-15 Cohort

2013-14 Cohort