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About PhillyPLUS Turnaround

PhillyPLUS Turnaround is a specialized training program that prepares experienced school leaders for the unique challenges of transforming Philadelphia’s highest-need schools. As a resident, you’ll refine your leadership skills and learn from experienced school turnaround leaders across the country. 

How it Works

PhillyPLUS Turnaround is a two-year program designed to help experienced school leaders refine their skill set while also learning what it takes to lead a successful turnaround school. Here’s how it works:

  1. Apply. Complete our rigorous, three-part selection process and get accepted into the program. Many successful applicants for PhillyPLUS Turnaround have experience in school leadership, managing and supporting teachers, building relationships with students’ families and community, and are passionate about helping Philadelphia’s highest-need schools succeed. Our application is now closed. We will resume selection for the 2018-2019 school year in the spring of 2018. 
  2. Attend summer institute. Learn and practice research-based turnaround leadership skills in an intensive, five-week summer institute. You’ll join a diverse and intimate network of six to eight residents who will challenge you to grow and support you along the way.
  3. Serve as assistant principal in a local turnaround school. Spend the school year managing a team of teachers in a Philadelphia turnaround school with support from a leadership coach and mentor principal, and attend monthly trainings. This hands-on training will help you master the skills you need to lead a successful turnaround.
  4. Complete a series of externships. Complete a series of one- to two-week externships in turnaround schools across the country, where you’ll get a first-hand view of schools in the beginning, middle, and end stages of their turnaround efforts.
  5. Receive ongoing support. Leaders who secure a principal position at a turnaround school in their second year will receive ongoing professional development and coaching. 

"I highly recommend PLUS because it provides residents with the opportunity to transform the quality of education in our schools. Through PLUS, you can develop the skills needed to lead teachers and empower students with the opportunities and success they deserve.”

Rosalie Doherty, 2015-16 Cohort

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