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The Teacher in Every Leader

I will never forget the feeling I had on the last day of institute when I realized the hundreds of thousands of students nationwide that would be impacted by our collective work. It was this idea that kept me inspired for a decade as an elementary teacher and moved me to extend my reach to whole school leadership.

Retaining our Top Teachers

I poured everything I had into my instruction, because I understood the gravity of the task before me. Every day, my students’ success depended on my ability to clearly communicate complex concepts and draw out untapped potential.

The Many Routes to Student Success

As a Teacher Leader at Mastery Charter Schools in Philadelphia, I support eight teachers who all have different teaching styles. I learned early on that not all educators teach like me or like the teacher next door. In order to effectively coach teachers, it’s imperative for me to get to know the individuals with whom I partner every day.

Putting Students at the Center of School Leadership

Before I became a school leader last year, I was a high school writing and learning support teacher for four years. The transition was, I admit, not an easy one. I found myself missing my own classroom, and in particular, the bond all great teachers create with their students.

Becoming the School Leader I Needed as a Teacher

The year was 2007 – I was fresh out of college and poised to embark on my first year of teaching. I worked tirelessly. I was obsessed with the ultimate goal of being an impassioned, tactile and resourceful classroom facilitator; one who empowered children both in and out of the classroom.