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Our Vision

We believe strong leaders are key in building strong schools and strong communities. However, leading teachers and students to success—and helping them master new, higher academic standards—is tough. Traditional principal training leaves few principals with the practical skills needed to transform student learning.

We’re training dynamic principals to lead the schools that Philadelphia students deserve.

Philadelphia Pathway to Leadership in Urban Schools (PhillyPLUS) is building a citywide network of school leaders who can partner with teachers to create thriving classrooms where students excel. Through support from a personal coach and real experience leading teachers in a local school, our leaders learn how to enter a classroom, assess the quality of lessons, and give teachers concrete feedback and support to improve. Today, nearly 100 PhillyPLUS alumni lead schools across Philadelphia. 

"PLUS has shown me that effective school leaders are instructional leaders! We directly influence teacher practice in order to positively impact student achievement."

Ayris Colvin, 2015-16 Cohort

Our Program

We develop aspiring and experienced school leaders in two program tracks:

PhillyPLUS Residency is a two-year principal certification program for accomplished educators. It blends intensive summer training and a year of hands-on practice in a local school with support from a mentor principal and leadership coach, who provide ongoing support and guidance. Residents who demonstrate success have the opportunity to earn their principal certificate and lead their own Philadelphia school during their second year. 

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PhillyPLUS Turnaround is a two-year program for experienced school leaders ready to transform Philadelphia’s highest-need schools. After intensive summer training, each turnaround resident works as an assistant principal in a Philadelphia school and participates in externships throughout the year, learning from schools across the country. Residents who demonstrate success have the opportunity to lead a Philadelphia turnaround school as principal during their second year. 

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